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Effective Advertising on Google with Proven Results

  • AdWords campaigns created by professionals
  • Landing pages selling your products and services
  • Reports on progress and an action plan

These are just some of the approaches we use.

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AdWords is an online advertising service, which allows your business to be on the front page of Google minutes after a campaign has been started. The amount you pay Google – depends on the number of times people have clicked on your ad, this method is known as pay-per-click. The prices range from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the competition and the quality of the created campaign.

How do we optimize costs and achieve results?

  • Know-how by Google – 411 Marketing is an AdWords certified partner of Google. As such, we get information on all requirements and changes to ensure the best possible results for our customers.
  • Experienced specialists – our experts have worked over thousands of campaigns and know the ins and outs of creating a successful Adwords ad. They stay current on all changes and requirements.. They have to pass a test every year, in order to renew their certificates.
  • Landing pages – AdWords is, where advertising starts, but after clicking on the add, the user ends up on your website. It has been proven, that the use of a landing page with specific design and marketing copy increases the chance of selling a service or product with over 80%!
  • Transparency of the resultsonce an advertising campaign ends, our team provides a detailed written report. We analyze the results and give suggestions for future strategies. We work with you, to achieve your goals.

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A Paid AdWords Campaign can be used for many different purposes

  • Testing keywords, that can be subsequently used in your overall advertising strategy, that we can offer with the Online Presence Package.
  • Directing users to your brand new website, created, for instance, with our Package: Business Website. You will find out if it offers your services and products effectively.
  • Promotions, that are available for a limited time only and are therefore not suitable for optimization.
  • Testing of potential new markets - Targeting a new city or country through AdWords becomes possible with couple of clicks. A few days later, you will know what your potential customers think about your offers.

We offer the AdWords Advertising Package in a number of options depending on your needs.

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