Businesses with multiple offices, stores, and locations in different cities usually find it difficult to optimize at a local level. This general conclusion doesn’t apply for every business, since the good reputation in the public and online space always improves the positive rank of your listing. If you are in the initial period of creating a business and building your reputation, you will most probably have certain difficulties with the optimization for your different locations.

This post, we dedicate to some key factors for businesses with multiple locations, on which we will focus when we optimize on a local and long-distance level.

Why the different locations of the same rank badly:

  • Problems with the website

This is the core essence of your online marketing strategy, that is why you should pay more attention to the fundamental factors and work toward gradual improvement. Sometimes Google gives us mutually exclusive and unclear pieces of advice, which is why we will tell you more about some of the most common problems with a website, which must be fixed.

  • Missing separate pages of each of the locations
  • Undiscoverable location pages
  • Bad quality location pages
  • Low-quality website
  • Penalties


  • Creating a business account

To register you business in Google is not at all hard, but you have to know that it is just as easy to get some key details wrong. Even if we don’t mean to, we could easily break the rules of Google for the creation and development of our site or listing. If we decide to add a few aggressive SEO tactics, this will guarantee you zero visibility.

  • Inaccuracies and unnecessary additions to the name of your company
  • Incorrect business address
  • Incorrect phone number for a given location or all of them
  • Wrong choice of categories
  • Incomplete profile
  • Local Content

Here, the problem is not what your site will contain but what it will lack. Businesses with a single location don’t have any difficulties with this factor, but these which have a great number of offices, stores, or industrial facilities always have to cope with the problem through unique content. It has to reflect the individuality of each of your establishments, what it is famous for, what it offers, and where it can be found.

  • Request reviews on your separate locations from your clients
  • Local news are big plus, that is why you should post them regularly
  • A gallery page presenting your word for each location is also beneficial

Let’s wrap it up!

In most cases, local SEO is done for big organization and companies, which have problems not that much with the difficulty, but rather with the sheer size of the online campaign. Focus on the details we mentioned, to be certain that you have created a solid foundation of the local content and reviews, on which to build.

Most often, the good SEO methods boil down to good general knowledge, your loyalty, and the high level of customer care you offer to your clients. Research and decide what your clients from each location need, and then make a well-informed choice regarding the proper management of your online campaign.

If you manage to do all this, you will definitely have great success, and the local visibility of your organization will be entirely under your control. If you need a partner to help you with this task, contact the SEO experts from 411 Marketing for more information and advice on making the online presence of your business more effective.