Start Converting Your Visitors into Clients!

In this post, we will try to explain exactly what landing pages are, what their purpose is, how they are created, and how they are used.

Let’s go through abstract theory very vast and focus on the more substantial points which will help us understand the idea and structure of landing pages. What we should know above all is that the true potential of you your website can be unlocked when you add this element and direct the right traffic to it.

Time should be on your side!

The searching habits of the users are constantly evolving, and this means that it is becoming harder and harder to grab their attention for longer if your site does not offer them what they need. The whole idea and goal of the landing pages is to invite the users to action and encourage them to complete it.

Creation, content, and design

To have a successful website and a profitable online marketing campaign, we will have to pay special attention to the first impressions our landing page creates, as well as its structure. The content should be easily visible, readable and as informative as possible, in an aesthetically pleasing way, which will stimulate the user to take the action we want them to.

Main goals and benefits

The benefits to creating a landing page consist of a more accurate and precise flow of traffic, which is directed to the right places where the content and the design are created for the purpose of converting the visitors into real clients. This is the general idea of this type of pages, and the accomplishment of these goals is realized through the accurate creation of the right design and and encouraging content.

We’d like to share some sample options of cases where the different sources of traffic could directed to properly designed landing pages.

Google AdWords is an easy and popular example of a marketing campaign using PPC (pay per click) methods for sending traffic. This most often happens by using several different landing pages which are properly optimized and created around the kws the users search for.
Banners and sponsored charts are the perfect source of big traffic, particularly when they lead to a landing page, which is especially created for the target group of the ad.
Even if we accept that the email marketing is a relatively old-fashioned method for advertising products and services, it is an unquestionable fact that it still has its place and it succeeds to deliver results. Even more so when the content is directed to a landing page which encourages purchase.
Blogs, posts, and links from the side bar of a site can contribute to the direction of traffic to the landing page whose content enables the purchase or subscription to a product or service.

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