Young People Will Stay in Bulgaria if They Are Well-Paid and Have Opportunities for Career Growth

Young people need good payment and opportunities for career growth so that they don’t leave the country. This is what the representatives of an international company looking for future employees in the universities of Northeastern Bulgaria think.

Vanya Kirilova is the Operations Manager of an international company in the field of Internet marketing. She and her team are looking for future employees in different universities in Northeastern Bulgaria.

The manager pointed out that the ways in which the young people’s emigration from Bulgaria can be stopped are good salaries and work environment.

Apart from payment and work environment, young people are also looking for career development. “We offer such opportunities because we have an internal system ensuring that the people who come to work for us undergo an initial training, start at low positions and then, those who want to grow in their career are given this opportunity,” said Vanya Kirilova. She also pointed out that 90% of the company’s employees have started their careers there at the lowest step of the career ladder.

In her opinion, young people nowadays are sufficiently intelligent.

“This combination of career development, good financial remuneration, and good work environment give the young people a chance to stay in Bulgaria, and this is exactly what we are aiming at,” she said.

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