If you are at least a little familiar with the way Google’s search engine algorithm works, you must know that it is not always favorable for the the small businesses that want to appear on the first page of the search engine results. There are different media platforms, including forums and social networks, which recently created panic in the Internet community. Conclusions such as “millions small businesses will be ruined” by the latest algorithm update usually lead to nothing good.

We know that this should be discussed rationally and properly explained so that there is no confusion. What exactly is the Armageddon of the mobile devices and how will it affect the small and medium-sized businesses? Let’s explain!

The simplest explanation – there is a new update in the algorithm used by Google, which is created with the idea of making the search engine easier and more convenient to use on mobile devices. When you search for something on a smartphone or tablet, you won’t have the opportunity to work fast and well if the results were meant to appear on the big displays of computers and laptops.

Function 1

  • The algorithm optimizes the search done on the mobile device in a way, which makes it possible for the mobile-friendly sites to rank higher in the results. If you are a user who does a search in Google on your smartphone, you will first see the results and the websites which are designed to fit a smaller display, and only after that, will it rank the sites which don’t have this function

Function 2:

  • When you browse a website which is designed for your mobile device, you will be able to orient yourself much easier and to find the content you need. Some websites include functions which don’t exist for desktop versions, as for example – an emergency call. The new algorithm does not sound so bad now, does it?

Function 3

  • This update in the search and results of Google, just as all the rest, was launched for the purpose of making the lives of the users easier and optimizing the results in a way, which won’t waste any time in searching the part of the website you are interested in. Of course, if your website is not designed in such a way – this will affect you. Nevertheless, there is no reason for panic, as there is quite an easy solution to this problem.

What to do to protect ourselves from the negative effects of the new algorithm?

A mobile-friendly design is not something hard or impossible. It can be achieved for each page and is a very simple task which can be done even by you if you have a little time for research.

The web designers at 411 Marketing, however, are well-versed in these techniques, and you can turn to them to help you make your website mobile-friendly.


Conversion rate optimization is a term often used in the world of online optimization, design, and SEO. This is a complete discipline which has the goal of helping with the conversion of your users into clients. Just as in all our other articles, we will, once again, focus on the essence, and namely – good old content, which is still king.

The combination of copywriting and optimization has several aspects we should analyze:

1.Achieving the balance of our creative and analytical abilities

It is unquestionable that the creative process and the quality content are extremely important parts of copywriting for conversion. This doesn’t mean that the analytical process should be overlooked, because it will help us learn what our potential clients need and will guide us in the right direction.

The right choice of words and the pleasant vibe of the text are great assets which are measurable in the minds of the visitors and as conversions. If we approach the creation of content merely creatively, the risk to be blinded by the process is big, and we can easily neglect the most substantial aspects, which are to ensure the visitor’s motivation to pick up the phone. On the other hand, an approach that is too analytic will make the content mechanical, incoherent, and awkward.

As always – the truth is somewhere in the middle, and it is a matter of ability to find the balance between the two methods.

  1. Focus on the data

The collection and analysis of data and information is the least pleasant part of the process, but it is what will give us a huge advantage in the accomplishment of our goals.

The more we know about how our users think and what they search for – the easier it will be for us to sell it to them. How they interact with your site, what difficulties they have, all this will help you make your content more relevant and truly effective.

This is the reason why Google Analytics is such a useful tool which helps us establish a deep and intuitive understanding of how people react to sites and what converts them into clients.

  1. Hypotheses are more successful than guesses.

In CRO, the quality of your content is what can measure its effect on conversions, and not how attractive it sounds. When we take steps to improve the content and we have to give some ideas how it should happen, it’s crucial that we give real answers and solutions to the problems, and not make random guesses

The formation of a hypothesis will help you organize and assess your ideas, what effect they will have on the actions of your visitors, and most importantly – their long-term effect.

  • Determine the true goals of improving your conversion rates
  • Identify the problem and formulate a clear statement
  • Define a specific solution
  • Explain what results you expect from the proposed solution

Final comments and one great quote

The optimization of the digital experience is the essence of CRO and Conversion Copywriting. Don’t forget that your target group is made of flesh and blood. Therefore, it is always human solutions that determine whether the conversion rates will increase or decrease. If you take the human factor out of online marketing – your attempts for optimization will never truly reach their full potential.

“People don’t buy from websites, people buy from people.”


We all know that there are hundreds of factors determining the position on which a site will rank. Each of them can affect this position positively or negatively. It all depends on us and how we approach the site building and optimization. Still, these factors are changing all the time, and therefore, we see changes in the search engine results. This means that some factors will be replaced, and others will always remain the same.

How will our marketing and SEO strategy help us to achieve consistent ranking?

  • Good understanding of the term “Universal Search”

This refers to the search engine’s behavior when it comes to reading and indexing a variety of pages, images, and other kinds of media that are relevant to a search. This way, Google mixes the results from images and News in the common listings that appear as a results of the initial search.

  • Including quality components and optimization of site speed.

Of course – the quality of content, be it text or media, still remains a key factor. However, the inspiring text or eye-catching images or design elements are not everything. If they take too much time to load, you risk your visitors to leave the site before they even had the chance to see what it offers.

  • Understanding user behavior

Measurable factors such as bounce rate, click-through-rate, and sharing are just some of the tools we can use to assess how our users see our site. Establish the strengths and weaknesses of the design and optimization of the site so that you can make the best out of these important tools.

  • Creating content which builds trust and authority

Everybody knows that fact, which has been repeated over and over again. And there is a good reason for this. On the plus side, the importance of a unique and interesting content is only growing over time, which, in turn, leads to improvement of the quality of more and more websites. Give your users a reason to trust you if you want to have control over their actions.

  • Balanced social media activity builds popularity

This is one of the most dependable factors for a positive boost in your online presence and ranking in Google. The search engines are always attracted by this type of activity, so you should never forget to include access to social media as an element of your website!


What do we pay attention to?


Have you noticed that people’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter? We find it harder and harder to stay focused on a task for a prolonged period of time.

This is one of the key factors we should account for when we want to present our products or services. If we want to convince the visitors to our site that what we offer is the right choice for them, we should carefully consider exactly how to create the content and design of our site.

  • Physical need

When we are hungry and we see food – it has our attention. Our needs are the major motivator of our actions. Therefore, the purpose of design and content should be the most concrete and thorough presentation of what we offer. If we need something and know all the answers to our questions related to it – the decision to use it will come quickly and without hesitation.

  • Attention span

The famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld says:

There is no such thing as short attention span. There is only the quality of what we’re watching.“

People have an unlimited ability to focus if they are interested in something. If they enjoy what they’re doing or are self-motivated – there is nothing that can distract them.

  • Emotion

One of the elements which are guaranteed to attract one’s attention is the the evocation of emotion. When a certain elements shocks us or just triggers our emotion, it not only grabs our attention but causes us to remember it.

  • Contrast

The human consciousness always pays more attention to elements which are in contrast with others. The part of the human brain which makes decisions always searches for a stark contrast for the purpose of making an instant choice and avoiding confusion, which leads to belated decision. One of the most common examples of this is the “Before”and “After” demonstration, which specifies the benefits of using a product or service.

  • New information

The human consciousness is always attracted by new experiences and uncharted territories, which is one of its most substantial features for our development. To benefit from this characteristic, it is necessary that eveny new element and step of our site to be something new and different from the previous one.

5 Уеб дизайн тенденции за предстоящата 2015

Какво крие бъдещето на уеб дизайна?


Изкуството на уеб дизайна е необятно и е невъзможно да бъде ограничено по какъвто и да е начин. Човешкото въображение и неговите безкрайни възможности отключват невъобразим потенциал за все по-впечатляващи и креативни идеи, които ще оформят бъдещето на Интернета.

С всяка изминала година наблюдаваме безброй невероятни неща в света на уеб дизайна, които продължават да излизат всеки ден. Иновациите в сферата за 2015 г. тепърва предстоят да бъдат представени, а ние нямаме търпение да стане свидетели на това възможно най-скоро.

  • One page сайтове

Все повече хора започват да разчитат на мобилните си телефони и подобренията в технологиите, които позволяват все по-достъпни и лесно използваеми интерфейси, които могат да ни помогнат далеч от компютъра.

С тази цел все повече сайтове биват разработвани с една страница, където е публикувно цялото съдържание, което ни е нужно. По този начин е лесно да открием информацията, която търсим като просто скролваме надолу.

  • История и интеракция

Отново се връщаме към съдържанието. Точно така – Content is still king! Докато то все още е ключово за всеки сайт, умението да разкажем една грабваща вниманието история е огромен плюс. Новите тенденции ще включват по-красиво и интерактивно съдържание, с което да разкажем своята история, чрез която да установим по-успешен контакт с потребителите.

  • Липса на големи Header изображения

Как да изпъкнем над тълпата, която изплзва огромни и наситени изображения в началото на техните сайтове? Лесно – като правим точно обратното. Това мжое да се използва поради редица причини, като например зареждането на сайта. Големите изображения често затрудняват това. Друга причина може да бъде отвличането на внимание от по-важното съдържание, което съдържа страницата. Това е една от по-противоречивите тенденции, но си струва да й обърнем внимание.

  • Минималистичен дизайн

Съществуват прекалено много несъществени елементи в актуалните сайтове, а това е още едно от нещата, които предстоят да изчезнат в по-модерните страници. Минималистичен дизайн е този, който е максимално улеснен и изчистен от излишни елементи, които не оказват реална полза нито за оптимизацията, нито за функционалността и вида на сайта.

  • Центрирано оформление

Съдържанието, което се намира в центъра на една страница респективно ще бъде в центъра на вниманието на всеки потребител. Незвисимо от размера и количеството на съдържанието, то е най-лесно за възприемане, когато е центрирано пред нашия поглед. Това позволява добър фокус и придава изтънчен вид за нашия сайт.

Това са само някои от безбройните нови тенденции, които вече започваме да виждаме все повече. Бъдещето на уеб дизайна Ви очаква! Ние вече поехме в тази посока, а Вие?

Как да подобрим UX качествата на нашия дизайн? Vol.3

Влиянието на User Experience дизайна и съдържанието върху нашето SEO

Поредицата ни от статии отнасящи се за ключовата важност на UX дизайна приключва с тема, която засяга пряко целите на всеки SEO експерт. Наясно сме, че търсачките константно търсят нови начини да подобрят резултатите и ефективността на тяхната работа. Това е причината ние също да се стремим към постоянно развитие и усъвършенстване на нашите умения и знания. Вижте още »

Как да подобрим UX качествата на нашият дизайн? Vol.2

7 Непоклатими правила на User Interface дизайна

Като продължение на нашият първи блог, представящ основите на UX и UI дизайна, ще подходим стъпка по стъпка, като отразим всяка една от най-важните точки и ѝ обърнем специално внимание.

Вижте още »

Как да подобрим UX качествата на нашият дизайн?

Преди да започнем да се оглеждаме с изумен поглед за дефиницията на термина „UX” е нужно да уточним какво точно представлява „User Experience”, какви са неговите цели и как да го използваме във всекидневната си работа като дизайнери. Вижте още »

On-page SEO 2015

Най-добрите практики за новата година!

Светът на оптимизацията е адски динамичен. Големите търсачки като Google и Bing, непрекъснато търсят начини да подобрят дейността си, а оттам променят и работещите SEO практики. Заради тази динамика е напълно възможно да чуете двама оптимизатори да изразяват различни мнения по въпроса “кое работи и кое – не”. Разбира се, някои неща са общоприети от всички и за тях няма две мнения по въпроса. Вижте още »

Най-важните страници в уебсайта ви (и как да ги оптимизирате за клиенти)

Както може би знаете, някои страници на вашия уебсайт са много по-важни от други. Шокиращо е обаче колко малка част от хората използват това знание, за да подобрят и оптимизират процента си на конверсия. В днешната статия ще ви разкрием как може да подобрите сайта си значително, като направите само няколко малки промени. Вижте още »