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Meet the members of our family

Meet Our Staff


The biggest part of the happy 411 Marketing family is the Advertising Department. It consists of young and ambitious specialists, responsible for the creation and optimization of business listings, as well as high-quality websites for our clients. Always smiling and full of new ideas, they are ready to help everyone, who wants to see their website in the first places of the search engine results… or wants to go out for a beer after work.

For the sites of our clients to be beautiful, meeting their requirements, as well as up to date with the latest trends in web design, the creative, outside-the-box thinking and cool people. Or with other words – the Web Design Team. Thanks to them, the websites of our clients stand out from these of the competition and constantly attract new customers for the businesses of their clients.

And what is a good site without a good written content. The Google algorithms have changed a lot over the last years, and now the quality and uniqueness of a content are of great importance. Responsible for the content of your site to be informative, quality, and different is our Content Editing Department. It consists of dedicated and motivated professionals writing perfect English, who will present your business in its best light.

Our AdWords team is the driving force behind the paid advertisement of our customers. Thanks to their experience, knowledge, and skills, any type of business can reach new potential customers online, without investing a fortune. And the results are worth it!

The main role of R&D department is to support and optimize the performance of all other departments, as well as the work of the company in general. The projects they work on are diverse – ranging from new optimization methods to introducing a new product on the market and the use of new software to improve and facilitate our work.

Every day challenges come across to our colleagues from the IT department, or as we call them - the Programmers, but they can deal with everything! Thanks to their expertise and hard work, we can manage day-to-day tasks swimmingly. We have to say that they enjoy great popularity (and occasionally a beer - after work, of course).

If you want to find out more about 411 Marketing, the HR department will introduce you to our company. Our specialists will provide you with detailed information, on everything happening in the company, and also let's not forget, that's the place to go if you want a vacation. The HR department is responsible for all corporate parties, team building and personal and professional development programs, offered to our employees.

Our accounting department, also known as Accounting, can prove wrong the cliche, that this profession is boring. Our young and ambitious team is faced with different challenges every day, but none of them has managed to defeat them so far.