411 Marketing and Varna Free University - Chernorizets Hrabar - Continue Their Partnership in the Master’s Training Program

Students of the Varna Free University – Chernorizets Hrabar – are trained in the fields of “Evaluation and SEO Optimization” and “Content Management Systems,” as part of the joint project of the University and 411 Marketing. The partners prepare Masters of Science in “Web Design” and “Digital Marketing and Web Design.” The length of the training is 35 hours. The students are trained in SEO, web development, and the creation of a business profile in an online environment. 12 graduate students participate in the project.

“We incorporate new standards and successful practices in the training. Our goal is to keep the training as practically-oriented and applicable as possible so that it meets the needs of the fast-developing IT sector,” commented Milen Sotirov, training managed at 411 Marketing. He trains the graduate students, and the training is practically oriented and meeting the real-life requirements of the IT business. The graduate students of VFU Chernorisetz Hrabar have the opportunity to start an internship at 411 Marketing. The internship provides 240 hours of training and practice in a real business environment. The young people are prepared for work in the field of online marketing and advertising, SEO and web development. Each one of them has the opportunity to start their career and professional realization in 411 Marketing. The internship program is supported by the Bulgarian Educational Ministry and the European Union.

The training of graduate students in digital marketing has been preparing the future employees in this modern and dynamic field of study for four years now, in an attempt to fill a specific niche of the labor market. Upon the completion of their education, the students are highly sought-after specialists, not just locally, but also throughout the entire country. Our goal is to ensure that the trainees have the most direct contact with the business as early as possible.” said Veselina Spasova, PhD, head of the Master’s program.

“Once we’ve reached this point, our next goal is to improve the skills of our students and their range of ability to conduct big data, sentiment analysis, participation in specialized research of the consumer behavior, with which we’ll give the companies specializing in digital marketing the opportunity to broaden their range of services and develop their business,” said Galina Momcheva, Associate Professor and head of the “Informatics and Economics” Department.

At the start of the company in Varna, 411 Marketing had only 4 employees. As of today, the company provides employment for over 200 people in the coastal city. The company is part of the 411 Locals brand – an international company based in USA and specializing in the provision of SEO solutions for the small and medium businesses. It is ranked among the Top 5 of the Local SEO companies in the USA.