411 Marketing Appointed a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

411 Marketing became the first Varna company to appoint a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO). The responsibilities of the new position consist in the organization of activities and events in and outside the office, which to maintain the happiness, good mood, and high morale of the employees.

“The creation of the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) position is a great initiative! I think that each big company has everything to win and nothing to lose from keeping its employees happy and in great mood. Thanks to this position, all our colleagues will have the opportunity to know each other better and build a better and stronger team in order to make our days at the office happier. It’s a great honor and pleasure for me to be the first Chief Happiness Officer at 411 Marketing, and I will do everything possible to set a great example for all those who will take the position after me. My goal on this position will be to organize more fun events (for all our colleagues) in and outside the office, to help start traditions, help the creation of a cosier and friendlier work environment, as well as make the integration of all new recruits at the company much easier. The organization of events is also something I love, which is why I am happy I can now do it as part of my job too,” CHO Kalina Eneva commented. Her hobbies include photography, crafting decorations, reading, and writing.

411 Marketing regularly organizes events to keep the morale of its employees high – bowling nights, teambuilding weekends, etc. With the appointing of a Chief Happiness Officer, it makes a another quality step in the direction of creating a pleasant work environment. This way, the company will receive timely feedback on what can be improved in the office environment.

“We spend 30% of the day and night at our workplace. That is why, in the 21st century, it is important for us to ensure a great work environment, a positive attitude, and a friendly atmosphere at the workplace,” Alexander Kolov, HR Manager at 411 Marketing, commented. The new position will be taken on a rotational principle by an employee of the company, which means that every 6 months, the team will elect a new colleague, who will be responsible for the good mood and high morale at the office.

The initiative of creating a special position for an employee who will be responsible for creating a great work environment was first started a couple of years ago in the Silicon Valley in California. 411 Marketing is one of the first Bulgarian companies and one of the few European companies, which take this innovative approach to HR management. Other steps to boost the quality of the work environment are also planned.

411 Marketing specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). The company is part of the international brand 411 Locals, which has 500 employees in Bulgaria, the US, and the Philippines. The Varna office employs over 200 people.