411 Prepares Students in the University of Economics – Varna

411 Marketing and the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Economics – Varna started a joint project for students in the Master’s degree programmes “Mobile and Web Technologies” and “Information Management in Business”. The courses include the teaching of practical WEB technologies, tools for website development, and technical optimization, all of them taught in the subjects “Search Engine Optimization” and “Technologies in Digital Marketing”.

“Partaking in the practical education of the students is an excellent opportunity for us to share the knowledge and skills that we earned through all these years. We use digital marketing and informational technologies as a basis for expanding the abilities of the young talents. 411 Marketing is among the leading SEO companies in the USA which we owe to the excellent preparation of our employees and the use of innovative methods in the field of digital marketing”, said Milen Sotirov, the Training Manager in 411 Marketing, who is also teaching the courses for the students of the programmes.

The company’s aim is a long-term partnership with the UE – Varna in terms of educating and preparing the students. The students in the IT Master class paid a visit to 411 Marketing where they were introduced to the company’s policy, the attractive work conditions, the competitive payment, the flexible work schedule and the social benefits. The two institutions started a joint project for an internship which included 25 students of the university. After the completion of their internship, most of them started full-time work in 411 Marketing.

The company opened its first office in Varna in 2009 with only four people hired. 10 years later, the company has two offices with personnel of over 250 young specialists who have chosen their career path in fields such as digital marketing, web development, and SEO. The company is part of the international group 411 Locals, specializing in the development and optimization of websites for small and medium-sized businesses. 411 Locals is ranked among the top 10 SEO companies in the USA.