80 Open Positions for Paid Internship in 411 Academy

411 Academy announced 80 open positions for paid internship til the end of 2018. The education program consists of digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) classes. The initiative is supported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education as part of the program “Student Practices”.

“We have provided 240 hours of studies and practice. The students will be taught in a real-time business environment. The program is up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing”, commented Milen Sotirov, the Training Manager of 411 Marketing.

The flexible schedule of the internship will let the students combine their university studies with the digital marketing courses.

More than 120 people graduated the 411 Academy. The trainees acquired knowledge in the field of SEO, WEB, and HTML. The studies are held in a separate room, customized with an interactive whiteboard.

The current statistics show that over 60% of the interns continue on with long-term contracts in 411 Marketing.
The openings are limited. Paid internship candidates can apply online.

About the Company

411 Marketing is a daughter company of 411 Locals. The office in Varna opened in 2009 with a personnel of 4. Nowadays, more than 200 people are employed.

411 Locals is a US-based company providing SEO and Internet advertising, with more than 40 000 clients for its 10 years of experience. The company has offices in Bulgaria, the Philippines, and the USA. 411 Locals is an official Google partner, and is among the top 10 American companies working in the field of SEO and Internet advertising.