411 Marketing's 50% Operations Manager Featured on Cherno More TV in Varna on International Women's Day

411 Marketing’s Operations Manager Vanya Kirilova was in studio on Cherno More TV in Varna to discuss International Women’s Day and the role women play in our society, specifically the IT sector of our workforce.

50% of the IT specialists currently working in 411 Marketing are female. The company provides equal opportunities to both male and female employees who want to build a career in SEO (search engine optimization), online marketing, and web development.

“The young people are interested in technology. They are eager to know more and learn new things quickly. Their growth within the company is connected only to their abilities and their persistence.”, said Vanya Kirilova, Site Director at 411 Marketing.

90% of the managers in 411 Marketing are people who have started at an entry-level position and proved to possess great personal and professional qualities.

The company is a part of the international brand 411 Locals, which is in the elite group of Google partners – Google All-Star Partners. The first office in Varna was opened in 2009 and was shared by 4 people. Today, over 200 team members share the same space and goals. Most specialize in SEO, digital marketing, and website development. 70 of the employees of 411 Marketing possess individual Google certificates for AdWords Fundamentals, search engine advertising, display and mobile advertising, video advertising, and Google Analytics IQ.

The interest in SEO and online marketing is growing. Bulgaria is becoming a high-tech hub and more and more international companies notice that and show their interest in the country.” Vanya Kirilova comments.

The young people realize that the IT sector offers great possibilities for development, professional growth, and securing great income.

The recruitment process in the company is designed in a way that gives equal opportunities to all candidates. The salary of each team member is also directly connected to the results they achieve.

In 2018, 411 Marketing is going to double the size of the 411 Academy, which was first started in 2017. Until now, over 70 trainees completed the program and 70% of them currently work for the company. This year, over 80 people will get the chance to participate in the training program.