An Expert from 411 Marketing Sits on the State Thesis Defense Committee

The Training Manager of 411 Marketing Milen Sotirov sat in the State Examination Commission for the State Qualification Exams in theory and practice for the high-school seniors of Hristo Botev high school – Vetrino Municipality. The expert was invited to the commission by the school principal – Svetlana Petrova.

“The exam consisted of two parts – theoretical and practical. The practical assignment lasted 6 hours, and the students were tasked with the creation of a business website,” commented Mr. Sotirov. The students were individually evaluated, based on the theoretical knowledge demonstrated and the results from the practical assignment.

Hristo Botev High School and 411 Marketing are already partners. The students from the vocational class “E-trade” recently visited the office of the company and received an internship invitation.

The company has its own academy – 411 Academy – the educational project of 411 Marketing, oriented toward the training of students and young people in the field of Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web Development, HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

The possibility was considered of students from Hristo Botev High School to conduct their practical exercises in the training facility of 411 Marketing.

The company was established in Varna in 2009 with only four employees. Today, the company provides employment for over 200 people in the coastal city. The company is part of the 411 Locals brand – an international company based in the USA and specializing in the delivery of SEO solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. It has been ranked among the TOP 5 of the Local SEO companies in the USA. In 2018, 411 Marketing plans to open new positions.