IT Expert From 411 Marketing Sits on the State Thesis Defense Committee

An IT expert from 411 Marketing sat on the State Thesis Defense Committee at the Nikola Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy. The students major in Information and Communication Technologies for the Maritime Industry. “Seven future Bachelors of Science chose to prepare a senior thesis. The topics are chosen from the field of Information and Communication Technologies. The defense of the theses was excellent,” commented Sylvia Nikolova, Director of Client Marketing at 411 Marketing.

The major was opened 4 years ago, and this is its first graduating class of Bachelors. Between the company and the Academy, there are strong partnership relationships in the field of IT specialist preparation.

“The interest in education in the field of Information Technology is growing with each passing year. This is totally understandable – the IT specialists successfully realize themselves on the labor market,” commented Mrs. Sylvia Nikolova. This year, 411 Marketing plans to open 50 new positions in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web Development, HTML, and Content Writing.

About 411 Marketing

411 Marketing is the Bulgarian branch of the international brand 411 Locals. The Varna office was opened in 2009, with only four employees. Today, the company employs over 200 specialists in the field of SEO, Web Design, Online Marketing. 411 Locals is an Official Google Partner and is among the Top 10 SEO companies in the USA.