An International Group of Students Studies SEO at 411 Marketing

Students from the Varna Free University, specializing in International Business started their education in digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) at the training center of 411 Marketing.

The young people from the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Turkey are trained as part of a joint program of the Chernorisetz Hrabar Varna Free University and the Norway Business School – Oslo. The students will specialize in International Business, and the education in Digital Marketing takes place thanks to the partnership between the company and the Varna Free University.

The practical exercises focus on topics that are applicable in a real business environment. The students will work on a particular task – website optimization, using a real hosting. The training will be realized as part of 411 Academy – an educational project focused on training students in the field of digital marketing, SEO, and web development.

411 Marketing and the Varna Free University have a well-established tradition in the joint education of students, including international ones. Last year, students from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan passed the training at the company and received certificates in SEO (search engine optimization).

The company opened its first office in Varna in 2009, with only four employees. 10 years later, the company has two offices, which employ over 250 young specialists, who have chosen their professional realization in the field of digital marketing, web development, and search engine optimization. 411 Marketing is part of the international group 411 Locals, specializing in the creation of websites and their optimization, for small and medium-sized enterprises. 411 Locals has been ranked among the Top 10 SEO companies in the USA.