411 goes bowling


When it gets chilly outside and we start putting one layer of clothing after another, there is nothing better than staying indoors and … going BOWLING!

Of course, it’s good for your health and it’s a great way to keep your muscles toned, but that’s not really why we do it, is it? So, in true 411 fashion, we decided to spend the otherwise gloomy Saturday afternoon last weekend practising our pro arm swings and enjoying the sometimes not-so-lucky strikes! Have a look!

Did you know three consecutive strikes in bowling are called a “turkey”? Neither did we. So, despite not having Thanksgiving as an official holiday in Bulgaria, we sure had a theme Thanksgiving weekend party with lots of “turkey”!

To be completely honest, strikes weren’t by the dozen but our strikes of fun definitely were. Team spirit was in the air and, at times, even in our feet!

Christmas decoration for 411 Marketing

Ho ho ho, it is that time of the year again. And nothing says Christmas is coming better than putting the final touches on our famous 411 office decoration! Here are some photos of our awesome activities’ team spreading the Christmas cheer with the first batch of glitter, ornaments, snowflakes, and good mood! Stay tuned for more!

411 Marketing Awarded Prizes to Talented Programmers Who Participated in a National Competition

The Bulgarian-American company 411 Marketing provided prizes for the young programmers who participated in the third National Competition for Data Extraction QUERYADA 2017. The idea belongs to the Varna Free University “Chernorisetz Hrabar,” which is also the event’s organizer and host. The company awarded computer peripherals and supplies to the teams which ranked first, second, and third.

“You’ve made the right choice of a future career. I wish you academic success and to experience true satisfaction from a job that you do well, as well as to be always curious about the latest innovations in your field,” said Milen Sotirov, the Training Manager of 411 Marketing, during the award ceremony.

The company’s partnership with the university started a year ago, when they started a common project for the training of students in the field of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The discipline “Assessment and SEO” was included in the curriculum of the Master’s Programs of “WEB Design” and “Digital Marketing and Web design,” at the Informatics and Economics Department. Students from this department participated in the internship program of the company. For them, 411 Marketing offered 240 hours of training and practice in the field of the latest advancements in Digital Marketing and SEO, as well as their implementation in a real business environment. Some of the interns were offered positions at the company.

Our joint projects with VFU “Chernorisetz Hrabar” are successful. “We plan new ones, which will provide the students with quality education, opportunities for a career start, and realization on the labor market,” said the Operations Manager of 411 Marketing – Vanya Kirilova.

411 Marketing Organizing Career Day

411 Marketing will be organizing “Career Day” in the Varna region. The towns of Shumen, Targovishte, Razgrad, Dobrich, and Silistra will be hosting special events for presenting career opportunities in the company to a broader audience.

The team sent by 411 Marketing is eager to meet professionals and young enthusiasts on the following dates:

Shumen: Tuesday 10th October at 11:00 in Shumen University, Housing 1, room №309, Universitetska str. №115;
Targovishte: Tuesday 10th October at 13:30 in Targovishte Municipality, sq “Svoboda, room № 74;
Razgrad: Tuesday 10th October at 16.00 in the Building of the Bureau of Labor;
Dobrich: Wednesday 11th October at 11:00 in Dobrich Technical College, Dobrotitsa district, room № 407;
Silistra: Wednesday 11th October at 14:30 in Silistra Municipality, Simeon Veliki str. № 33, room №202;

The designated free work positions are meant for enthusiastic people, willing to gain experience in fields like Search Engines Optimization /SEO/, digital marketing, Web design, programming, and more. The company’s office, located in Varna, has more than 200 employees.

“Our company is growing every single day. We offer career opportunities which can attract both experienced people and young specialists, willing to learn”, commented the company’s Operations Manager, Vanya Kirilova. The company’s Training Manager, who is also a university teacher, provides the newcomers with special tutorials.

About 411 Marketing

411 Marketing is the Bulgarian subsidiary of the international company 411 Locals – a company operating in the field of Internet advertising. Based in Varna, Bulgaria, the company started in 2009 with a personnel of four people. Today, its employees are more than 200. The company established a partnership for education and human resources development with the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy, the University of Economics, the Technical University of Varna, and the Chernorizets Hrabar Varna Free University. 411 Locals is an official Google partner and it’s also one of the top 10 companies in the USA.

Milen Sotirov Took the Position of Training Manager at 411 Marketing

Milen Sotirov became Training Manager at 411 Marketing, the company announced. He will be responsible for the company’s employees’ training in the field of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and web development.

The trainings are designed with the needs of both the new recruits of the company and the continuing education and professional development of the employees who have been with the company for some time.

Milen Sotirov started his career in academia. He taught at Varna Free University Chernorisetz Hrabar and in the Naval Academy Nikola Y. Vaptsarov. He has over 6 years of experience in training specialists in digital marketing, SEO, and web development. Sotirov is a PhD candidate in Implementation of Innovative Methods in the High Tech Education.

He has been a guest lecturer at many international conferences and master classes and is the author of articles published in scientific journals.

Students from the Naval Academy in Varna Received Certificates of SEO Proficiency from 411 Marketing

45 students from the Naval Academy Nikola Y.Vaptsarov – Varna, received their certificates of the successful completion of a course in Digital Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which was organized by the Academy and 411 Marketing. The company and the Academy started a common project for the training of students in the most advanced online and marketing techniques, in the beginning of the year. The initiative has a strong practical orientation, and over 60 students majoring in Information and Communication Technologies in the Marine Industry participated in it.

At the ceremony of the awarding of the certificates, the Operations Manager of 411 Marketing – Mrs. Vanya Kirilova, the Dean of the Faculty of Navigation, Capt. (N) Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Nikolai Velikov, and Milen Sotirov – Training Manager at the company, as well as professors from the Academy, were present.

“You accumulated professional experience which will only do you good. SEO is a highly sought-after profession with a great future, and the demand for it becomes bigger and bigger,”

said Mrs. Kirilova in front of the students. The company provided training for 14 students this summer. 8 of them already work at 411 Marketing.

“I want to thank 411 Marketing for this great internship opportunity. I learned new and useful things that I can apply in practice. If you are given the chance to do your internship at this company, I strongly recommend that you grab it. There are also great opportunities for professional realization,” commented Zhivko Vassilev in front of his fellow students. He is already hired as a Link Builder at the company.

“Thank you for the opportunity and your trust in me. I am extremely happy with my new job. My co-workers are great,” said Ivana Ivanova, an intern until recently, and now already an employee at the company as an SEO specialist.

Because of the great results achieved and the interest on part of the students, the Naval Academy and 411 Marketing are preparing a new common educational project, which Capt (N) Veilkov announced in front of the students as an elective course.

About 411 Marketing

411 Marketing is the Bulgarian branch of the international brand 411 Locals. The office opened doors in 2009 with only four employees. Its team today consists of 200 specialists in the fields of SEO, Web Design, and Online Marketing. 411 Locals is an official Google Partner and is among the Top 10 SEO companies in the USA.

411 Маркетинг – Варна празнува 10 г. от създаването на бранда 411 Locals

Като дъщерна компания на 411 Locals, 411 Маркетинг e интернет рекламна агенция, обслужваща повече от 50 000 клиенти с малки и средни американски бизнеси, която се намира във Варна и празнува 10 години от създаването на компанията – майка в САЩ в един отрасъл, който се променил драстично откогато компанията отваря врати през 2007.

411 Locals е основана в Лас Вегас, Невада, когато Google започва бета-тестването на локалните бизнес листинги и тя успява да се приспособи към непрестанно променящите се Google алгоритми за да изведе и задържи клиентите си на предни позиции при търсене в Google, както и да се адаптира към интерактивния мобилен дизайн – област, която придоби особено голямо значение през последните 10 години. Вижте още »

Варненски студенти със сертификат от 411 Маркетинг

411 Marketing awarded the certificates for successfully completed internships to students of different universities in Varna. Students from the Varna Naval Academy, The University of Economics, and The Varna Free University completed their training at the company. During their practical classes, they were prepared for working in the field of Digital Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the application of the acquired skills in an actual business environment. The students were taught by 411 Marketing trainers and mentors with extensive professional experience.

The certificates were awarded by the Operations manager of the company Mrs. Vanya Kirilova. The initiative was supported by the project “Student Internships” of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. Most interns started working at the company as digital marketers, SEO specialists, and web developers.

Студенти от ВСУ “Черноризец Храбър” завършиха успешно своя стаж в 411 Маркетинг.

Students from the Varna Free University “Chernorizetz Hrabar” (VFU) successfully completed their internship at 411 Marketing. The company provided 240 hours of theoretical and practical training in the field of the latest digital marketing strategies and techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and their implementation in the actual business environment. Their internship is supported by the “Student Internships” project of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. The students are enrolled in the Master’s Programs in Web Design, Digital Marketing and WEB Design, as well as Software Engineering at VFU. They were given their certificates by the Operations Manager of the company – Mrs. Vanya Kirilova. Also present at the ceremony was the academic advisor of the students – Veselina Spasova, PhD. At the company, there are interns from the Varna Naval Academy, The University of Economics of Varna, and The Varna Free University.