Happy New Year!

We at 411 Marketing, wish you a successful, fruitful, and full of adventures 2014 year. Let’s say farewell to the one already past, leave our old worries behind, and progress during the next, at least a little more than during the previous one. Be happy, and above all, healthy, everything else will be achieved in its own time!

Честита Нова година от 411 Marketing!

We Present to You - Our Italian Christmas Party!

In keeping with the Christmas mood and happiness, we, from 411 Marketing, threw an Italian-theme party, in which, of course, there was an unforgettable atmosphere from the end of the 50ties and the 60ties of the previous century. With mysterious smiles and sweet wine, we celebrated Christmas together, the Italian way, but also dancing traditional Bulgarian dances and singing songs. Photos below:

This is How One of Our Teambuildings Goes!

If you think, that the people from 411 Marketing are boring, silently staring at their monitors soulless individuals, you couldn’t be more wrong! Each year, we create unforgettable moments, together, that each one of our employees will remember for a lifetime. This year’s memories, you can see below:

How We Celebrate Halloween at Our Company

At 411 Marketing, we jealously keep the secret to our success. Today, however, we are in a festive mood and want to share with you a little part of this secret. The key of success is that, we know how to have fun and how to feel good while at work. As proof of this, we present the photos below:

Seminars and Presentations

As highly qualified experts in our field, we sometimes give lectures, whether they are an event in themselves, or as part of various other events. We started with the Lecture of Momchil Petrushkov at the University of Economics of Varna - in the beginning of 2012, which presented our activity to the students. On 20 November 2012 another one of our colleagues - Dimitar Dimitrov - gave a lecture on the topic Google+ Local - Local Search and Why Business Owners Should Use It, as part of the seminar “The New SEO Rules” in Sofia.

We Celebrated the Birthday of a Colleague

At 411 Marketing we love celebrating, and we have plenty of occasions to do so, literally every day! Birthdays,, Saint’s Days, Engagements, Anniversaries, Graduations, as well as each personal and professional success of our colleagues - they are all marked in style..

We Have Certified Google Adwords Specialists!

In September 2012 four of our colleagues - Nora Atanasova,, Dessislava Georgieva, Rossitza Baneva, and Theodor Bankov - received Google AdWords certificates. Thanks to their hard work, we can now offer even higher quality service to our clients!

Rally Races

At 411 411 Marketing, we have avid car racing fans. One of our colleagues - Todor Todorov - is a navigator in a car racing team, who did quite well at his first big competition this summer. Of course, his good performance was, to a great extent, due to the crowd of fans from. 411 Marketing!

Team Building

Each year, we have teambuildings in various interesting places. We are already experts in canoeing, rock-climbing, paintball, archery, shooting, volleyball, football, competitive swimming, soccer, and many others. In the evenings, people gather around tables laden with food and listen to nice music, or show off their skills on the dance floor..

Latin Dances

In the spring, our first amateur Latin dance club, was started by Iskra Evtimova. We mainly do Salsa, but also like Bachata and Quizomba. Thanks to our great instructors, we are getting better and better at dancing during company gatherings and team buildings.