Students from the Peyo Yavorov High School Visited the Office of 411 Marketing

8-graders specializing in Software and Hardware Sciences visited the office of 411 Marketing. The students from the Peyo Yavorov high school learned first-hand about the company and made their first steps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

“The students are yet to enter the world of information technology, and their visit greatly enhanced their motivation. The team of 411 Marketing impressed us with its achievements and great professionalism. The experts from the company demonstrated to the students the modern technologies for the creation, maintenance, and optimization of websites, and told them about the opportunities for career realization in the IT field,” commented Stoycho Kazakov, the IT instructor of the group.

“It is good for the children to see how the knowledge their teachers teach them can be applied in practice. And the earlier they start, the better. 411 Marketing has its doors wide open for school and university students who want to see the work process and the company’s modern office,” commented Sylvia Nikolova, Director of Client Marketing at 411 Marketing.

411 Marketing opened its office in Varna with only 4 employees, in 2009. Today, the company employs over 200 people in the coastal city. The company is part of the 411 Locals brand – an international company specializing in SEO solutions for small and medium enterprises. It is ranked among the Top 5 Local SEO Companies in the US.

This year, 411 Marketing plans to open 50 new positions and to expand the scope of its internship program. The new positions will be in the field of SEO, Website creation, content writing, and design.