411 's Spectacular Christmas party

A toast here, a ballet there, and Christmas cheer all around — this is how our famous 411 Christmas party started! It was a night of dancing, fine dining, and a bevy of surprises lurking to catch our unsuspecting colleagues off guard. And they did! Some were praised for their dancing skills, others’ table tennis performance was honored, and we even had our very own 411 Mrs. and Mr. Sunshine crowned!

All differences aside, it was a year worth celebrating in style. In true 411 fashion, we did so with a lot of dancing, laughter, and good words. “Good words?” you may ask. Well, positive messages and thank you notes can never be too many. We had our very own Good Words box at the office where everyone could drop a written message or simply start a conversation with a colleague they are too shy to talk to in person. It is a part of getting to know our growing 411 family. Everyone got their good messages at the party, and the results were a lot of stolen smiles and semi-covered blushes! We call this a win-win.

Don’t miss to check out our blog about Santa’s visit to 411’s office last week where all the kids of our colleagues had their early Christmas presents! Our upcoming Secret Santa post is also something to look forward to!